JupyterHub as a Service through Ubuntu server

I’m stuck :slight_smile:

I’ve been researching for three days now the topic of JupyterHub.

I have an ubuntu server and jupyterhub installed. If I want to start the jupyterhub I need to:

  • connect to the server with putty terminal
  • start jupyterhub by sudo jupyterhub
  • go to http://XXX.XXX.XX.XXX:8000/ and type my credentials

The issue is that when I close the terminal I’m not able to open jupyterhub in my browser("service not available). That did NOT used to be the case. Should I somehow start jupyterhub as service?

Any ideas how to approach this?


This is due to how a terminal works on Linux systems, you can read more about it in

Scroll down to Dealing with SIGHUPs, though the whole article is worth reading if you’ve got time.

You’re correct in suggesting running it as a service. If you’re new to JupyterHub you might find this guide an easier way to set everything up: https://tljh.jupyter.org/


Thank you. Will read what you suggested!
I’m new on administrating JupyterHub, yes :smiley:
Thanks for your answer, this is awesome.

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