[JupyterHub] Access NFS Share : very slow and unable to open certain folder

Good afternoon all,

I allow myself to ask you the question here because I can’t find a solution (I don’t understang the problem).

We have an instance of JupyterHub on Openshift Platform. We mounted on all the user’s pod a share NFS with 500 Go of disk space. But for some reason, when developer want to access to certain folder, it cannot open. It stays on “pending” et never open it. I think it’s because there are too many files.

If I used the terminal, it’s OK. But developer don’t want to browse files this way.

I checked with network, accountable of share nfs (usage, space …) and there is no issue on their sides.

Is there a limitation on JupyterHub ?

Thanks a lot in advance,


This suggests JupyterHub and Kubernetes are working, so the problem might be in the singleuser-server, e.g. see