Significant usability issue not getting any attention?

Hi All,

I just wanted to flag that there seems to be a major usability issue that doesn’t seem to be getting much attention from any of the devs. There are lots of reports, and I think I’ve managed to narrow the cause, but I don’t know anything about Jupyter internals or how to fix it.

Based on discussion on that issue, there are at least two of us who want to use JupyterLab to teach this fall, and this seems like the kind of problem that’s likely to cause major issues for students.

Any suggestions for where to take this?



Edit: sorry, I referred to the issue but never described it. The issues is a wide range of users getting OSError: [Errno 24] Too many open files errors when their jupyter lab session has been open too long. At least in my case, it appears the “open files” consist of more or less every font on my computer.

Thanks for the callout on this. It looks like there are a number of folks helping debug the issue. If anyone else has cycles to help out, I am sure our users would greatly appreciate it.

Following up here - it looks like the issue may have been resolved in JLab 1.0.4. See the GitHub issue for more details and discussion if interested.