Jupyter Open Studio in San Francisco Sept 6th and 7th

I am super excited to invite you to another (fifth!) set of back-to-back Open Studio gatherings focused on the Jupyter ecosystem.

This time, on top of the usual Bay Area Jovyans, we will have a healthy contingent of a dozen Project Jupyter folks visiting from Cal Poly! I’m also adding a bit more structure so everyone knows what to expect, and having the same schedule on both days:

10am - breakfast & settling in
10:30am - announcements & intros
1pm - lunch
3pm - lightning talks

The current Wikipedia summary for Open Studio captures the spirit we want to make more prominent in the tech sphere: “A studio or workroom which is made accessible to all-comers, where artistic or creative work can be viewed and created collaboratively. An Open Studio is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange, conversation, encouragement, and freedom of expression.”

We want to continue to cultivate these notions in a Jupyter oriented event and are inviting participants from both industry and academia, with a range of experiences.

Friday - September 6th: 10am - 6pm
Saturday - September 7th: 10am - 6pm