Jupyter Open Studio Event 4/29 in NYC

The next Jupyter Open Studio Day hosted by Bloomberg will be on Monday April 29 in NYC. Whether you’re from academia or industry, no matter the subproject, come collaborate with us!

Open studio days are an amazing opportunity for core, casual, and new contributors alike to work together, learn about current and future developments across the Jupyter ecosystem, and build community.

I made my first JupyterLab contribution at an open studio in 2019. Experienced developers helped me pick a reasonable first issue to work on and got me past any setup hurdles. I got the satisfaction of seeing my first Jupyter PR merged in real time.

At every open studio since then, I’ve met contributors and users from the Jupyter ecosystem beyond my JupyterLab comfort zone, learned the lore of the earliest days of ipython from folks who were there, and helped others shepherd their own first contributions across the finish line.

Registration is open now: Jupyter Open Studio Day 2024

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