Jupyter: kernel is not connecting

Hello to everyone !!
My operating system is a Windows 10 Pro and I am using the Anaconda 2022.10 with the base environment and no modifications. The issue is that when i try launch either Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab, I cannot connect to a running kernel.
On the terminal i see:
[W 14:43:12.078 NotebookApp] Nudge: attempt 10 on kernel xxx
[W 14:43:17.185 NotebookApp] Nudge: attempt 20 on kernel xxx
[W 14:43:22.304 NotebookApp] Nudge: attempt 30 on kernel xxx

I tried to launch Anaconda on both Chrome and Firefox without luck and there are no JavaScript errors.
Thanks in advance!!!


Similar problem here, since yesterday i cannot connect to kernels from jupiter notebooks.
Windows 11 Home, Chrome Version 107.0.5304.87 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I just had a Bios update, before that I had no issues. I am a beginner, not sure where to start fixing this problem.