Jupyter Keeps Starting Up Automatically and Impossible to Kill

Seems like a jupyter notebook is always running on port 8888 of my machine and I cannot even kill it, and the process does not show on my process tree.

$ jupyter-notebook list
Currently running servers:
http://localhost:8888/?token=6025bd2e00702d150faa3856e406ccz00542c417a007dcrb :: /home/della/Python_Scripts
$ jupyter-notebook stop
...Long traceback
ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 111] Connection refused
$ ps -ef|grep jupyter
della   17056    9760  0 11:14 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto jupyter

These are the other details that might be relevant

Python version: 3.8.10
Jupyter notebook version: 6.4.6
Platform: Ubuntu 20.04

When I try to open port 8888 on my browser (Chrome or Firefox), it shows not reachable, so apparently, whatever service is running, is not accessible. But is it unnecessarily hogging up memories in the background or interfering with other processes?

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Hi! Could you tell us how you concluded it’s Jupyter that’s running, when it’s not listed in your ps -ef output?

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Yeah, I think this is an instance where jupyter-notebook list can be deceiving as described here.

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I’m curious. Not that I will be able to resolve your issue, but let me ask are you in a virtual environment?
I am assuming that you are at home and on a WAN?
I hope you don’t mind me interested in the slightly strange.
Who knows, together we may be able to figure out an explanation and even better a resolution.

Please advise.

Please share any details or resolutions that you do become aware of. My apologies, I didn’t realize that your experience may not have been as recent as I initially figured.

How long have you had this experience?
Any recent changes that you can think of oof hand?

Did you set up a Systemd service to keep a Jupyter Notebook instance running? Do systemctl --user | grep -i jupyter to see.