Unable to start notebook/stuck

Hi there,

We had a previous installation of jupyterhub 2.3.1 which was working nicely. We did upgrade to 4.0.1 however post that we are having two issues.

One note, we are using Okta to do SAML authenication.

  1. New users are getting an message:
    403 : Forbidden

‘_xsrf’ argument missing from POST

  1. Existing users are not able to spawn their notebooks. As it stuck at the message:
    A Jupyter Server is running.

Please help if you can, thank you!


Hi, could you share your config and hub/single user logs?

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I got the problem when SSL wasn’t yet activated. Is it your case?

Hi there,

How can I obtain the single user logs?


SSL is enabled and appears to be working at the moment, not sure if this is the case.

Depends on your deployment method. How are you deploying JupyterHub? On Kubernetes? HPC?

We used the instructions on here jupyterhub-the-hard-way/docs/installation-guide-hard.md at master · jupyterhub/jupyterhub-the-hard-way (github.com) to do the installation

In this case, if you are using default LocalProcessSpawner, the single user server logs will be logged to the same JupyterHub logs. As you are using systemd to manage JupyterHub, the logs will be available via journalctl I imagine?

If you could share your config and logs that shows events from user logging in to spawning a server, we could try to find where the issue lies for you.

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I think it was because we are running Jupyterhub with Lab on version 4.0.1 that due to some lower environment requirements we are unable to install correctly due the requirement of nodejs 18 which in turn requires a version of glibc available only on RHEL8.

Hi, Im also facing similar kind of issue. Below are my versions
Nodejs 18.18
Notebook 6.5.4
Juputerlab 3.2.9
Sqlalchemy 1.4.39

Im able to start jupyterhub with both systemd and also with command with out any errors. But not getting UI.could not find any kind of errors in logs. Please help on the same.

You need to post your logs here for others to help. Without any logs it is impossible to know the problems you are facing in your deployment.