Jupyter Executive Council Election 2024

Happy Holidays Jovyans!

The Jupyter Executive Council (EC) would like to share that our next election cycle is coming soon. We will post both here and on the Governance repo when a formal call for nominations is available in January. In addition the EC will email the Union of Councils when a formal call for nominations is available.

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Warm Regards,
The EC


I’d like to raise here a problem with the proposed seat allocation for this election.

It has been stated, both by Fernando and Darian, that

  • Per our governance model, we will have 3 open seats this election cycle. Two will be chosen by the Executive Council and one will be chosen by the community.

However, this statement contradicts the governance model language which states that

After each election, the total number of seats filled by the UoC should be equal to, or one more than, the number filled by the EC.

We should not have the EC choosing more than the majority of seats, which is what would happen if we have the EC choose two out of the three seats this time.

I’ve provided more details on this jupyter-governance/executive council team compass issue #23.

As the election is currently under way, I am reposting here my message to the Jupyter Executive Council, as well as various subproject councils:

I’d like to bring your attention again to how the proposed course of action would be in violation of our governance documents.

Once three nominees are selected (one from the Union of Councils vote described above and two selected by the current EC),

If the election is carried out in this manner, the total number of seats filled by the union of councils will not “be equal to, or one more than, the number filled by the EC” as per governance documents. Specifically, with three seats total, it will be one less than the number filled by the EC. With big changes like the proposed move to Linux Foundation, it is particularly important to allow the Union of Councils more than just one seat. I first started raising this issue in writing on January 31st, 2024. Whether or not you agree with me, please respond on that issue (especially given the compartmentalized nature of our various councils, multiple of which are CCd here, so responding to a given council will not allow others to see your response).