Jupyter Executive Council 2022 election discussion

This thread is a place for public questions/discussion about the 2022 Jupyter Executive Council election.


Thanks for posting this - FYI for those who aren’t sure what this refers to:

I’ll take a look at the EC information packet and provide thoughts and feedback here!

I took a look through the documentation and had some conversations with others, a few questions here:

Who is eligible to vote?

I and others were a bit confused about who is allowed to vote for this. I looked in the Executive Council documentation but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me who has a vote. Is it any member of a sub-project’s team? Steering Council members?

Is the voting document public / shareable?

The steering council lists got a voting document PDF. Is this something we can share with others? If so, who? Are there any restrictions on sharing it?

Are there guidelines on EC composition?

Many organizations have policies that dictate the composition of their governing bodies to ensure representation from their key stakeholders and to ensure that there isn’t an over-representation of one perspective on the board. Are there any guidelines or restrictions on EC membership? For example:

  • only XX% of the EC may come from the same organization or reporting chain
  • N seats on the EC are reserved for university, non-profit, and public interest organizations
  • at least X% of the EC must be located in countries other than North America / Western Europe.
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I’m surprised that there is an election currently happening. Is there somewhere I can go to learn more about the timeline and most importantly who is eligible to vote (am I?)?

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Question about affiliation vs. employment

Another question that came up in conversations recently. I appreciate that the nominees have listed the many projects that they’re affiliated with as part of their application. I think it would also be helpful to make it clear where they are employed vs. acting as a volunteer or informal collaborator. Basically I think the important piece of information is “who is paying this person’s salary, who do they report to, etc?”

The rationale behind this is that for governance purposes it’s important to know which organization’s interests or strategy a person might be representing, and which organizations have leverage over a person. These situations aren’t necessarily a problem but I think it’s good for transparency purposes (and will need to be disclosed in conflicts of interest later on anyway).

Note for all: voting ends today (Dec 4th)

I’ve gone ahead and voted in the election - though I want to note that none of the questions above have been answered. It seemed from this post like this was the primary place to ask questions about the election, but I guess that was not correct?

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I am also curious about who is eligible to vote. Am I?

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The deadline for voting has passed for a while. Are the results available somewhere?

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@betatim, thanks for asking and sorry about the delay!

The results of the election are in and have been tabulated.

Before making an announcement, all six members of the Executive Council have been making disclosures of their interests available to the other members, because we do not yet have a standing committee for conflicts of interest. Standing up this committee will be an early task of the EC.

This disclosure and mitigation process is nearly complete and we’re almost ready to announce as soon as it is.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Saul!

Voting for the Executive Council election is open to any member of a Standing Committee, Working Group, and Subproject Council (“Union of Councils”, UoC), which is also the same group who has eligibility to stand for election. For more information, the process is described here:

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Cool. Looking forward to the results when they are ready

The results of the election are published on jupyter.org now. There will be a blog post soon, as well.

The inaugural members of the Jupyter Executive Council are:


Thanks @afshin and congratulations to everyone on the council!

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Here’s the blog post announcing the new governance structure: Announcing a New Jupyter Governance Model and Our First Executive Council | by Jason Weill | Jan, 2023 | Jupyter Blog

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations once again to the new EC and SSC!

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