Jupyter Events Category

Hi there! Checking in as I’d like to request a new category in Discourse for anything “Community Events”. This could be related to Jupyter Community Workshops, our annual user conference (aka JupyterCon), or any in person or online event that might be of our interest to the Jupyter community. It would be my goal that this would be an active and good place for many discussions for current and former event organizers to collaborate. I think there is enough content in the Special topics or Community Chat that the events news/discussions may get buried if we try to add there.

What do you think? Is this the right place to request this?

This is the right place and sounds like a good idea to me.

Could we also use it to announce upcoming events? For example the team and community calls.

I think creating a new category is “free” so the only reason not to make a new one is because it makes the list of categories too long/visual clutter. In which case maybe we can combine some low traffic top level categories together first. I don’t really use the “categories” view very often so this isn’t something I am personally bothered by :wink:

ps. Happy cake day!

Yes, this would be a community space for events announcements/discussions/calls for proposals/etc.

ps. Is cake day a day where you have an excuse to eat cake? In my world that’s allowed every day :slight_smile:

I think it’s a good idea! I do think we should try to keep the top-level categories from being too cluttered, but events is pretty important and ubiquitous to all of the sub-communities.


let’s see how it goes!


Brilliant! Thanks for helping with this.

There are days when there isn’t a legitimate reason to eat cake? :slight_smile:

Cake day (at least in terms of internet forums and communities) is the day you first joined. Which for you on this forum is 4 December.

Lol. :rofl: Glad to hear cake isn’t relegated by some to a single day!