Guidance for local Jupyter Days events

I am organizing an event this summer at UBC for students, faculty and staff who use Jupyter for teaching and/or research. We held such as event last year (see UBC JupyterDay 2018) however we used the name without reaching out to the Jupyter community. From

If you’d like to organize a Jupyter Days event in your community, please reach out!

I was hoping for a bit of guidance regarding:

  • Permission to use JupyterDay event name
  • Implementing the Jupyter Code of Conduct
  • Other protocols for JupyterDay events



cc @lheagy who may be interested in this :slight_smile:

also, this isn’t really “official jupyter policy” so I don’t think it answers your questions, but here are some other guidelines for running events in the Jupyter world:

maybe @carreau has ideas for how to “officially” set up a JupyterDays event?

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Hi @patrickwalls, very cool! I recently finished my PhD at UBC and am excited to see the growth of a community there!

In my opinion, community members shouldn’t need to reach out to ask permission to host a “Jupyter Day;” it is always great to hear about community events(!), and hopefully the project can provide some resources to support events, but the “please reach out” does imply that there needs to be some granting of permission from the project…

Perhaps a documentation page could clarify what it means to hold a Jupyter Day, what some of the expectations are, and have a few resources for organizers. What do you think of the following?

  • What is a Jupyter Day?
    • a checklist? (e.g. if you can check the boxes, which include statements of the expectations below, you are welcome to call your event a Jupyter Day)
  • Expectations:
    • code of conduct
    • promoting an inclusive environment
  • Resources:
    • a template repo / advert?
    • how to order stickers!
    • links to previous events (these can be community contributions)

@patrickwalls: are there other resources / guidelines that would be helpful to have in organizing an event?


Thanks @lheagy! That’s what I was hoping for. A template repo for the event including some customizable images, a code of conduct and a checklist to ensure the event follows the values of the Jupyter project. I’d be happy to help draft the template repo.


I think something like this would be fantastic - let me know if somebody puts together a PR on the docs and I’m happy to review!

Not sure if anyone responded to you but I’ve organized two Jupyter Day(s) events: (w/ Andrew Odewahn) (w/ Peter Parente)

Before hosting a JupyterDay, I always reached out to Ana Ruvalcaba just so that we followed their guidance, styles, etc. Feel free to pull from any of those repos above. Peter and I found the TriangleJupyter theme relatively easy to use. You can also see some of our issues/PRs regarding the organization. Hope this helps! Sorry for the delay!

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Thanks @Chris_Erdmann ! It’s great to see examples of how people organize a JupyterDay. I got a bit busy in the last month but I’m working on a simple template based on the suggestions above. Hopefully I can have something to share in the next few weeks.

@patrickwalls - thanks for your interest in this topic! It would be great to connect. Here are a few more resources:

General COC Info:

Enforcement of Jupyter COC at Events

Partial list of past JupyterDay events:

The basics of getting permission to use the name include the following:

  • Reaching out to us to get review: (I don’t code, so I don’t use GitHub much)

  • Use and enforce the Jupyter COC (see links above)

  • Follow our brand guidelines (if you design things for the event)

  • Organize an event with a content focus on Project Jupyter and related open-source software

  • Educational event: Present the event in a vendor neutral format

Also, can you do me a favor and point me to where on the site you found the comment about “reaching out if you want to organize an event”? I should update that to have the email I reference in this post.

Also, apologies, I realize I didn’t introduce myself. I’m the Director of Jupyter at Cal Poly and in the past have served as resource for folks wanting to organize these events. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions, I’m happy to help where I can.

Thanks @Ruv7. I think it would great to have a repo with the resources you list built into a webpage that can easily be deployed on GitHub Pages. A new event could fork the repo, insert their info and get you to review. This info could all be referenced on the Jupyter Community page.

On the third paragraph of the Community page is says “If you’d like to organize a Jupyter Days event in your community, please reach out!”