Any Boston/Cambridge folks here? (polling demand for possible Jupyter meetups)

Hi there I noticed there’s no Boston/Cambridge Jupyter ones on… but would love to meet other Jupyter folks in person, so doing a mini-poll :slight_smile: Cheers, Chaki

    • Interested in (e.g., Monthly) Meetups
    • Interested in Speaking
    • Interested in Organizing

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I’m not, but I know there was a JupyterDay Boston a couple of years ago. I’ll see if I can link to this from twitter.

I would also suggest to edit your post to add a poll (click the cog and insert poll), as answer cannot be less that some length, so users can’t response just “Yes”.

Tweeted here

Nice thanks Matthias. Yeah I saw JupyterDay when I was searching and it sounded fun! Will keep u posted.

I just voted for periodic meetups (“monthly” is the only suggestion) but I’d also be happy to meet up for coffee or lunch in Cambridge. I work near Harvard Square. I only have one Jupyter Notebook (so far) that I threw together a couple days ago: :slight_smile: (shout out to @willingc who helped me get started years ago at !).