Hello everyone, I want to check the image layers for some specific datascience-notebook image. If I go to Docker i will check the layers, tag and digest for the image, that is fine, but, how I can match the tag of the image with commit in your github repo (https://github.com/jupyter/docker-stacks/blob/02870bd138b549ffd00390e3388a026b9abbeed3/images/datascience-notebook/Dockerfile)?
The only workaround is like try to match the date when someone merged some code and the date of publish in docker, but that is not accurate. Also, I think the layers that are published in docker hub are automatically created by docker, not for the image owner, am I right?

Hmmmm… Maybe there can be some suitable metadata attached for this.

I think this merits an issue in jupyter/docker-stacks, thinking the docker images could get some docker image label set with git commit during the build.

Hmmm the layers are created during the build by the image builder tooling. The same layer could be used in multiple images etc.

Btw for inspecting images, ive used the tool “dive”, it has been great.

Are you talking about the image tags, or the image layer digests?

If you’re referring to the tags then every image has multiple tags. For example, these are all the same image as seen by the digests:

One of those tags is a 12 character git sha, in this example the tag 3d3aa48b22d9 corresponds to the commit GitHub - jupyter/docker-stacks at 3d3aa48b22d90bc3ef6130131a3298882e693b25

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