Docker-stacks: latest jupyter/datascience-notebook image is not up-to-date

I wanted to use latest jupyter/datascience-notebook image which has jupyterhub 1.1.0 installed. But latest image is 2 months old (see and it has jupyterhrub 1.0.0 installed. It seems like since 2 months only base-notebook image is updated (see

Related PR to update base-notebook Dockerfile is But it generates new image only for base-notebook, not for others. It looks like all other images are updated last time by this PR (, which also update base-notebook dockerfile. I tried to understand how images are built and pushed but had no success. Where is this done exactly?

Does something here goes wrong? How should I use jupyter/datascience-notebook with jupyterhub 1.1.0, should I extend and do it manually?

I believe the issue was reported and fixed here:

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