~/.jupyter/custom/custom.js in jupyterhub/jupyterlab


an end-user is trying to use the custom.js file in his home directory:

it seems this script is not working when using Jupyterhub in combination with JupyterLab.
We also tried to restart the notebook in jupyterhub, even the jupyterhub server itself.

I’m working with a simple example:

alert("hello world from custom.js")


But that is not even working. Has someone suggestions what we could do ?

Hi! Is this working if you run JupyterLab directly, without JupyterHub?

If it does work can you tell us how you deployed JupyterHub, including versions, your base system, and your configuration with secrets redacted?

no, it is also not working in JupyterLab directly.

Where I’m supposed to see this “hello world from custom.js” message?

If it’s not working in standalone JupyterLab that helps rule out JupyterHub being a problem. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of JupyterLab will be along soon to help!