Custom.js file not executed

Hi !

I am running jupyterlab in a docker container, here is the docker-compose file :

version:  '3'
      image: jupyter/datascience-notebook:python-3.10
      container_name: jupyter_notebook
        - /home/user/docker_volumes/jupyterlab/work:/home/jovyan/work
        - /home/user/docker_volumes/jupyterlab/.jupyter/custom:/home/jovyan/.jupyter/custom
        - 8888:8888
      command: " \
        --ServerApp.token='' \
        --ServerApp.password='' \
        --ServerApp.disable_check_xsrf=True \
        --ServerApp.allow_remote_access=True \
        --ServerApp.port=8888 \
        --ServerApp.open_browser=False \
        --ServerApp.allow_origin='*' \
        --ServerApp.tornado_settings='{\"headers\":{\"Content-Security-Policy\":\"frame-ancestors \'self\' *\"}}'"

In the custom folder is a file custom.js with a simple console.log("custom js file loaded"). For some reason, this file is not executed when jupyter is loaded in my browser (in the browser’s console) both when directly opening jupyter lab’s page and when loaded into an iframe on another page.

I tried reloading the webpage and restarting the container, both didn’t work.

Here is the full path of the file : /home/jovyan/.jupyter/custom/custom.js

Does anyone know where the issue could come from ?

I found a similar issue here

still no answer or solution