Issues with new Jupyter Lab pre-release

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Not sure if I’m being stupid, but I updated my local configuration of Jupyter lab to the newest 1.0 alpha version and now it’s no longer able to build. I’ve tried creating a new empty lab environment without my extensions to ensure it wasn’t my code, but nothing changed.

Seems like the build process is getting hung up in the documentsearch-extension due to a messed up alias to the mainmenu package. Here’s a gist with the full log.

I checked the tsconfigs and tdoptions for the respective packages/extensions, but they look to be correct to me.

I used pipenv install -e git+git://
to install jupyter lab. I had to add the editable flag because the installation process would break otherwise.

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Turns out there’s an issue with the newest release, for anyone else scratching their heads.

Newest release, or second-newest release? :upside_down_face:

This issue is fixed now in 1.0.0a5

cc @fperez, who managed to run into this bug 1 hour before needing to give a jupyterlab talk :slight_smile:

Wow. That’s brave to update to the latest alpha just released an hour before a talk :).

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For those that care, the issue was that some of the packages had missing parts of their package definition files, which meant that they were incomplete when they were uploaded (missing their js files). We put in an automated check for this error in the future.

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Thanks to the Jupyterlab team for catching, fixing, and future-testing against this bug :slight_smile: :bug::foot: