Is there any notebook theme which changes with the day time (from light to dark mode)?

I am looking for notebook themes which can change with the day time eg. from light to dark mode as it changes from morning to night

We could make an auto theme setting which switches between light and dark as your computer does, then rely on the computer to switch themes through the day. That would be an awesome contribution.

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awesome contribution.

Indeeed! Rather than a hard cut between a light and dark theme, I’d see this as a single theme that made use of variables to gently transition between different values… basically, the theme would have a baseline css file, and then a generated one updated by JS…

i’ve tried some unified light/dark stuff on GitHub - gt-coar/jupyterlab-gt-coar-theme: an unofficial Georgia Tech theme for JupyterLab but they are still separate themes… and in that particular case, have pixel/whitespace/border differences than wouldn’t transition well.


@randhar there is an issue with some technical hints on this approach if you would like to contribute: Mirror operating system's dark/light mode setting · Issue #8777 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub.

@bollwyvl I’m happy with what you propose if you mean 15 seconds transition for a visually pleasing effect, but if you mean a 30 minutes transition I am afraid that might create some very bad contrast issues.

a 30 minutes transition

right, i mostly wouldn’t want it to pop the moon animation while in the middle of typing working, shifting on the order of 5-10 seconds. But, yeah, getting all the contrast to work properly would be a good color science challenge.