Is there an "introduction" lab extension?

JupyterLab is a really powerful interface, and as more people customize it, add extensions, etc, it’ll become increasingly important to guide people through these interfaces upon their first arrival.

A lot of websites with non-trivial interfaces have some kind of “introduction” UI that guides people through a few interesting elements. E.g., seems relatively lightweight and quickly guides people through different pieces of the page.

Does anyone know of a JupyterLab extension that could let you define something like this? E.g. imagine that I have a bunch of custom extensions installed and a particular layout I want users to start with. I could load this extension and configure it to cycle through the elements that I care about.

If this doesn’t exist, I’d love to see somebody make this happen :slight_smile:


An onboarding extension! YES!!! :smiley: Excellent idea! I’d love to have that!

I think it’s a great idea too!

I believe we should implement this :slight_smile:

While not an option for explaining everything about the whole Jupyter UI there is which you can use to explain the notebook UI itself.

I agree that an onboarding extension would be really nice. We had a discussion about making one a while back, but I don’t think anybody ever got around to it.

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