Is there an dockerized jupyterhub solution that uses nbgrader?

Hey this is my first question here and I’m quite new to Docker and Jupyterhub.
Is there a solution or a way to use nbgrader with Jupyterhub and Docker? If there aren’t any, how could I access the users-notebook-containers to share course materials and get their assignments?

Have you seen this post about ngshare?

Thanks for you answer.
Is it possible to use it with only docker?
I looked into it and tired to use it with kind and ran into some issues, where the ngshare pods status were on pending.
Next I’ll try it with k3s.

I thought it was because of the part there that said, “Even if you aren’t using a container orchestration platform, you can still install ngshare as a JupyterHub managed service and streamline course creation rather than having to play with filesystem permissions.” However, you may want to ask in that thread? I haven’t tried JupyterHub beyond the littlest JupyterHub and not with docker (as far as I know); I was just trying to see if that got you closer to what you need.

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