Setting up JupyterHub and JupyterLab in docker


I’m trying to setup JupyterHub and JupyterLab on docker (currently on my local machine). I am trying to understand the installation and setup process.

So far I have successfully setup JupyterHub (and logged in) but then realised that it needs an image to serve the notebooks (1 per logged in user). Based on further research, as I understand it I need to set the Spawner, in this case to DockerSpawner because I would like to use Docker Images of JupyterLab to serve my notebooks.

This is where I am stuck.

Do I need to setup another docker image of JupyterLab on my host and then configure the DockerHub to launch it? Is it literally a case of specifying the docker image name for the spawn (e.g. JupyterLab). I’m sounding a little vague because I barely know what I’m doing here, so would appreciate any helpful guidance.



Have a look at

basic-example is a full working example of running JupyterHub with Docker.

Thank you @manics. I’ve taken a quick look and this is exactly what I need. I’ll try to get it up and running today.