Is there a "Hello World" example of creating a Token and providing an extension as Service?

When I start JupyterLab the console states that the extension failed to start and there is “No provider for: etc-jupyterlab-aws-api-s3-handler:AWSAPIGatewayHandler.” However, I know I have installed the extension that provides the Token named etc-jupyterlab-aws-api-s3-handler:AWSAPIGatewayHandler, as I can see it start up.

It would be great if there were a simple Hello World example of an extension that provides a Service. Is there something like this? I looked at the File Browser example, as advised in the documentation, but I’m still struggling to get it working.

This is the repo I am working on: GitHub - educational-technology-collective/etc-jupyterlab-aws-api-s3-handler

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I guess one relatively self-contained example is theme-manager and theme-material in LSP extension, but it has a bit exotic organisation of the source code so possibly not a good example :frowning:

I figured this out - I’ll work on creating one of these when I get a chance - let me know if anyone needs guidance on this.