Is it possible to display a when a Sandbox instance is started

Hello everyone, In the above screenshot the one with white background is my sandbox instance and can we display a read me file after the launch. Thank you in advance.

A default workspace file can be loaded at startup time, which can open any number of activities.

The workflow would generally be:

  • in a representative environment (same notebook directory) open all the desired activities (for example, the README next to a launcher)
  • use the CLI commands to export the workspace file
  • in the container/environment where users will work, use the CLI commands to load the workspace

Thank you for your response @bollwyvl. I’m new to Jupyter notebooks. It is like we are maintaining multiple sandbox instances (more than 100). When users enter the sandbox normally the terminal page displays for the users like the above, instead of the terminal page displaying we want a files to load. So that we can add some data to that readme file like what’s new. I hope I’m asking this in a right way.