Is it possible to customize named servers?

I’ve been looking into JupyterHub’s named server functionality, following Z2JH on K8S. It seems that named servers are spawned with the default configurations (image, cpu/memory limits and guarantees).

I was wondering if it is possible to

  1. Customize the image and resource specifications of these servers on creation?
  2. Modify the server’s image and resources after it has been stopped?

The documentation for JupyterHub’s REST API makes it seem like neither of these things are possible.

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So it seems that if you create the named server through the Hub’s GUI interface, you can select a profile from your profile list that you define in your config.yaml. Is there similar functionality through the REST API?

Also, is there a way to not expose the named server options unless explicitly enabled on a per-user basis?

Edit: I found the following GitHub issue that is somewhat related to my second question:
Seems like what I’m looking for isn’t currently possible?