Ipython to see environment in remote notebook

In a remote notebook that I didn’t create, can iPython show me the versions of packages that are pre-installed? Thanks.

in this particular case you can find the packages easily by starting to explore the filesystem with os.listdir(path='/') (you need to import os of course).

after some exploring you will find the packages with this.

import os
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I’m loading a different notebook that’s not public. os.listdir(path='/') returns the following folders.


os.listdir(path='/lib/') returns subfolders: [‘lsb’, ‘udev’, ‘terminfo’, ‘x86_64-linux-gnu’, ‘systemd’, ‘cpp’, ‘init’].

The server info is below.

In order to find its installed packages, how can I find where Python 3.7.6 is? Thanks.

could be in /usr/lib/python…
or in the /home/username/.local/lib/python…
or in a venv folder somewhere.
you have to search harder i guess :smiley:

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