Introduce yourself!


Hi! :wave: My name is Kevin Markham. I’m the founder of Data School, and I’ve been teaching data science in Python using Jupyter notebooks since 2015.

I use Jupyter notebooks in all of my YouTube tutorial videos, and I found this forum while doing research for my upcoming video series on the Jupyter notebook. :movie_camera:

Nice to meet all of you! :smile:


I’m Henri Delebecque.
I discover JupyterHub a few monthes ago, when I installed 8 hubs for educational purposes. I spent a week to install a hub able to dispatch notebooks on 8 VMs, without success. I was short in time, and choose a group of 8 hubs, allocating statically student to each one.


Hi everyone ! I’m Elizabeth :wave: :smile:

I’m currently a PhD student at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and I’m excited to think about how we can use both Jupyter Notebooks and Binder to facilitate open and reproducible publishing.

I’m a new Jovyan, but I’m excited to join and contribute to this great community ! Thanks to everyone for all of your amazing work so far.


Hi there! I’m Enrico, a data scientist at a scale-up based in Amsterdam. I’m doing my best to support Jupyter in local community events, get folks involved in open source and appreciate the power of community-based projects.


Hey all,

I’m Andrew, a final year PhD student in chemistry at the University of Bath (but currently in Scotland writing up).
The majority of my research work has involved Jupyter Notebooks (including reproducible publications).
I have used Notebooks and BinderHub/MyBinder heavily in teaching (developing open educational resources through the pythoninchemistry project.

A list of courses that use Binder

Hi I am Jen. I am an uni student at the University of Canterbury. Right now I am working for GNS ( to help with data access tutorials wich it a project using jupyter.