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Hi! :wave: My name is Kevin Markham. I’m the founder of Data School, and I’ve been teaching data science in Python using Jupyter notebooks since 2015.

I use Jupyter notebooks in all of my YouTube tutorial videos, and I found this forum while doing research for my upcoming video series on the Jupyter notebook. :movie_camera:

Nice to meet all of you! :smile:



I’m Henri Delebecque.
I discover JupyterHub a few monthes ago, when I installed 8 hubs for educational purposes. I spent a week to install a hub able to dispatch notebooks on 8 VMs, without success. I was short in time, and choose a group of 8 hubs, allocating statically student to each one.



Hi everyone ! I’m Elizabeth :wave: :smile:

I’m currently a PhD student at the Montreal Neurological Institute, and I’m excited to think about how we can use both Jupyter Notebooks and Binder to facilitate open and reproducible publishing.

I’m a new Jovyan, but I’m excited to join and contribute to this great community ! Thanks to everyone for all of your amazing work so far.



Hi there! I’m Enrico, a data scientist at a scale-up based in Amsterdam. I’m doing my best to support Jupyter in local community events, get folks involved in open source and appreciate the power of community-based projects.



Hey all,

I’m Andrew, a final year PhD student in chemistry at the University of Bath (but currently in Scotland writing up).
The majority of my research work has involved Jupyter Notebooks (including reproducible publications).
I have used Notebooks and BinderHub/MyBinder heavily in teaching (developing open educational resources through the pythoninchemistry project.


A list of courses that use Binder

Hi I am Jen. I am an uni student at the University of Canterbury. Right now I am working for GNS ( to help with data access tutorials wich it a project using jupyter.



Hi all, My name is Stephan and I am a graduate student at RPI who is currently working on an effort to explore/implement auto-grading of assignments/labs done in Jupyter notebooks in courses at RPI.

Right now we are evaluating the gofer suite of components (gofer grader, gofer service, and gofer submit) as a possible light-weight architecture. The gofer component repos are available at

I am new to the area of auto-grading Jupyter notebooks but it appears to be an active area of interest for many in the community and I would be happy to hear about any previous efforts or opinions on the matter.



Hey all,
I’m Chico, current maintainer of PAWS. I’m a Brazilian international relations major currently working in tech, mainly DevOps and data analysis.


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Hi everyone,

I’m Georgiana, a software engineer from Romania! I started contributing to JupyterHub as part of my Outreachy internship and with the help of the community, I managed to develop JupyterHubTraefikProxy :green_heart:.
I look forward to continue contributing to JupyterHub and I’m very happy I’m part of this amazing community.

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My name is Vidar. I’m from Norway, and have worked on Jupyter things full-time since 2016. I’ve contributes in multiple parts, with the main highlights: nbdime (diff/merge of notebooks), nbval (unit testing notebooks), ipywidgets, JupyterLab, pythreejs (3D widgets).

My background is from solid state physics, doing analysis of multi-dimensional data from experiments.



Hi all - I am Chaki and from Boston - been using Jupyter for a while for learning data science / deep learning stuff and am hooked like most of you. Starting to explore the ecosystem and see if there are areas I can contribute. My day jobs are mainly “head of product + design” so am particularly interested in UX and making things even easier especially for true beginners. Any suggestions welcome and see you around here!



Once upon a time I started a little project named MoinMoin…

These days, I’m diving into DS/ML with Python in general, and DevOps Intelligence centered around JupyterHub specifically. The latter resulted in the Debian package I just announced, and will likely continue with some Docker image work, publishing / reporting solutions (to HTML, PDF, and Confluence), and some docs around the workflows using all that (see here for a start).



Hi all, I’m Sebastian, a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder teaching and doing research at the interface between the earth and life sciences. We use Jupyter Notebooks (R/python/C++) and Binder extensively for in-class exercises (e.g. in our computational tools class for PhD students in the bio/geosciences) and for the supplemental materials of research publications. I dream of a future where the analytical/computational part of all peer-reviewed research publications is easily reproducible via a repo+binderhub link that ships with each publication (probably not going to happen any time soon but one can dream ;).



Hello my name Benoît and I use jupyter notebooks for 3 years to teach mathematics and introduce computers to high schools.



Hello, everybody. I’m Darian and I work on JupyterLab. I live in London and work for Two Sigma. I’m glad to be part of this community; it took me a little while to get here.



Hi, I’m Hannah. @choldgraf told me to stop bothering him on twitter and post here instead :wink:. I’m a computer grad student/adjunct using a the littlest jupyterhub deployment in my “tech skills for psych students” class and so I keep breaking things.



Hello everyone. I’m Joe. I used python for minor scripting 20 years ago, checking in on scientific computing (for me that means numerical) over the years. Four years ago I committed to becoming a pythonista after 25 years inside the Matlab world. A few months later I was introduced to iPython (Jupyter)- was told it was still less than ready for someone like me (somewhat senior- not involved in software development at all). After that insult I dove in and after about a year converted my only open source package (Engineering Vibration Toolbox) to python- blah bad idea. Reframed and have a much better module now. Wrote and released four more and have since become something of an unofficial python evangelist at my university (my intro talk is flooded when ever I have time to give it). I’m someone who shouldn’t have time “for this”, but this is such a fun break from my “day job” that I can’t resist developing. It’s a great time to be a coder!


Testing notebooks

Hello, I’m Kevin. I spend my time in and around Enterprise Gateway - which essentially distributes kernels across compute clusters. Since it directly depends on Notebook and jupyter_client, I’ve also spent quite a lot of time understanding those projects with respect to kernel management.



Magnus Sälgö from Sweden play around with Wikidata and like what I see of Jupyter… I can see Jupyter as an excellent way to make access to Open Data easier…