Inclusive language in Jupyter source code

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Recently several tech companies, e.g. Apple or Github, decided to rework their APIs to exclude non-inclusive terms such as “blacklist” or “whitelist” [1]. Are there similar plans for the Jupyter project?


Two efforts I know about:


Thank you very much for the two hints - several GitHub issues were related to those so that I guess large amounts (if not even all) of the discussion is indirectly included. From a political and historian perspective I guess it could be pretty interesting to summarize which terms were in use that were replaced. Some terms might be rather obvious like the aforementioned “blacklist/whitelist” as well as “master/slave”. For those now as we are speaking I even feel strange that this topic did not come up earlier. If this was on the tip of my tongue of so many people (see different news articles etc.) all the time long, why did we wait until here? But maybe there might be more terms that we (in the sense of people who are new to the topic of reflecting used language in code) are not even completely aware of.

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