I failed to install jupyterhub on an arm machine

I install the archiconda on my arm machine,I execute the commannd"conda install -c conda-forge jupyterhub",but it prompt
FileNotFoundError(2, “No such file or directory: ‘/home/archiconda3/bin/python3.7’”)
Executing transaction: failed
ERROR conda.core.link:_execute(507): An error occurred while installing package ‘conda-forge::async_generator-1.10-py_0’.
Is it caused by the archiconda3,I have already install the archiconda3 in the /home/archiconda3,I can install the jupyterhub in my x64 machine by using anaconda3

Well, have you checked whether the file which is missing according to the error report is actually missing? Maybe you can contact people from the archiconda regarding this aspect? Obviously your error message is not closely linked with jupyter - apparently a Python interpreter is missing at the place it would be expected.