How to upgrade Kernel version?

I have.a JupyterHub running in a local K8s cluster, deployed via KubeApps. It works like.a charm, except for the fact that it is running Python 3.7. I would like to upgrade it to Python 3.10.

I tried to run conda update python and conda install -y python=3.10 from the notebook, however I’m getting a EnvironmentNotWritableError in any case. Even if I try to do that from a terminal session.

What is best practice to upgrade the Python version in this environment? What am I supposed to do?

Thank you

Hi! Are you running JupyterHub using the Z2JH helm chart? If so you can build your own container image with your required environment:

Thanks for your response and sorry for me taking so long. I’m learning K8s, and only on weekends, got no time during the week, unfortunately.

I’m actually using the helm charts provided by bitnami: But I’ll give the one from your response a try too. Doesn’t really matter to me where the helm chart comes from as long as it works and I can use Python 3.10 in it somehow. Thanks!