How to upgrade a source extension by JupyterLab 2.0 to prebuilt extension by JupyterLab3.x

I have a source extension which is built by JupyterLab 2.0, and my extension incloud frontend and backend. Now I want to upgrade to prebuilt extension by JupyterLab3.x to avoid rebuild my image by “jupyter lab build”。

And after changing, How to setup and install my package.

Here, the documentation of extension migration:

After migrating from JupyterLab 2.x to JupyterLab 3.x, will automatic switch to prebuilt?

The docs are fairly comprehensive, but a lot will be trial and error. If it’s a straight cookiecutter upgrade, it might just work.

It’s worth looking at the structure of the current cookiecutter, and observing some of the differences, especially in:

  • pyproject.toml
  • package.json