How to Update Voila to Resolve the Padding of Empty Cells

I am working on a Jupyter Notebook to build a pdf page using the Voila package (I use Voila to make the render, and then print the page as a PDF) and I have noticed that cells without an output still put padding into the Voila render. Based on this issue from 2019 and my StackOverflow post, this behavior shouldn’t be present for the newest versions. What should I update to resolve this issue?

Example of the padding issue:

I have tried updating a few modules and am running Voila 0.4.0, Jupyter 1.0.0, notebook 6.5.2, and pandas 1.5.1.

PS. I apologize for the wonky image, the discussion board only allowed me to post one image.

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I already covered at the cross-post that what you detail in your title has been fixed. (The issue you linked covered that.) I was encouraging you to post what would you need to up date and how to go about updating to get your Voila to not do the wrong behavior. I had suggested trying JupyterLab separately, maybe in Ancaonda, first.
I was not encouraging you to cross-post the same post.

Hey Wayne, Thanks for the advice. I have adjusted the post accordingly. Unfortunately, the security software on my work computer does not allow me to open JupyterLab at this time (it is quite overzealous), so I won’t be able to use that software for my project. I also have two teammates who are running similar / older software packages for those I mentioned and they do not have the issue.

Hmmm. That is key.

It really makes this seem obscure. I think you’d have the ability to really dig into all the versions and packages given you have colleagues not experiencing this. However, is that really necessary here? I’m not sure of what you absolutely need? If you are just trying to develop, you can always test in the mybinder sessions or your colleague’s system if you absolutely need to know how things should look?