How to setup Jupyter for a Research Department?

Hey guys,

We are considering using Jupyter in the University I work at. I’m the IT Manager of a Research Department and I’m looking for a Best Practice guide for deployment and setting up Jupyter for Scient teams.
We would like the users to login via LDAP, create projects, and the ability to search for any data across all projects.

I appreciate the help.

Cheers / Ben

Hi @Beyondforce
There are lots of ways to setup JupyterHub. There are official guides for running on a single VM:
or on a Kubernetes cluster:

but there are lots of other options, e.g. running it on HPC. Those two guides should help you get started, and if you follow up here with more of your requirements others will able to share their experiences.

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Hey @manics,

Thank you for your reply.
I also need to know how to set it up for multiple teams with multiple projects.
I couldn’t find any guide or video on how to do that. If you have something, that would be very helpful.


Hi Ben,

The main functionality of JupyterHub is giving some people access to some compute resources via a Notebook or JupyterLab interface. The teams should be able to configure the environments for their projects themselves, or can you provide a bit more detail about what you mean by this?

@rkdarst Your expertise and experience at Aalto may come in handy here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @sgibson91,

I’m definitely going to use one of them to help me. But I also want to standardized the UI and the way they document their work.
I was looking for a demo or a guide on how setup Jupyter for teams, but I couldn¨t find. I’m looking for inspiration!


You’ll probably need to create a project directory and override the spawn hooks to associate users with their projects, then mount a shared project drive.

I would like to create a dashboard with a list of all projects.
At the same time, I want to have control over the access to each project.