How to run Jupyterlab as an app in Windows 10?

I am using Windows 10. I installed SageMath and then ran this command inside SageMath’s shell to install Jupyterlab: pip install jupyterlab

To launch jupyterlab, I go to Sagemath’s shell and run: jupyter lab

but jupyterlab launches in a browser…is there a way to run Jupyterlab as an app and NOT inside a browser for Sagemath ?

Hi! JupyterLab is a web application, it’s designed to run in a browser. If you explain the problem you’re having, i.e. why you don’t want to use a browser, we may be able to come up with another solution.

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I think there is a way to run JupyterLab as a chrome app which “looks” like a desktop app…

I tried adding the following to my , but it doesn’t work:

c.NotebookApp.browser = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe --app=%s"
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Hi @l3gi0n I know that you mean. I vaguely remember not being able to succeed when trying to pass the browser command with URL substitution via %s (just like you are attempting to do), but I finally managed to set it up on Ubuntu by creating a custom “executable” (a single-line bash script that takes the URL and starts Chrome with --app=URL flag), adding it to my PATH and setting the browser to this executable. I think it should be possible to set it up on Windows too, but the details will differ.

As for JupyterLab 3.x, please note that there was a transition to jupyter-server and associated changes to the file (, ServerApp, LabApp etc); see the docs for TLDR or my longer answer on SO if you are interested in more details.

How do you get the URL ?

Many Thanks

It’s the first argument passed to the “browser” script.