How to run a jupyter notebook through a remote server on local machine?

I’m using the Docker project Docker Hub which I could successfully run locally combined with Singularity.

However, I need to run this remotely and access the Jupyter notebook from my local browser. Despite the Singularity container running remotely, I can’t access the Jupyter notebook from my host browser. When I connect via ssh to the server I get connection refused:

channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused

Is there something missing?

While I haven’t tried with singularity yet, I suspect the concepts are similar to doing this on a more basic remote server…

If you haven’t run Jupyter remotely on a server and have the possibility to do that, you may want to try looking into that first. The main thing you need to do for that to work is establish an SSH tunnel between your local machine and the serve. So the correct port gets forwarded between machines so you can connect from your browser as if the Jupyter notebook was running on your local machine. I have helped several others get that part working on this forum. See the following for some useful discussions and resources:

Docker container adds in another layer to this. You have to set the port forwarding additionally when you start the container. Reading the following may help you:

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