How to rename an extension being developed?


I am new to extension making. I followed the “Let’s Make an Astronomy Picture of the Day JupyterLab Extension”, made it work (so my extension has “jupyterlab_apod” as name), and edited code so that it does what I want it to do (which is nothing to do with fetching and showing a picture). Now, I want to publish it under the name that reflects what it is. How do I rename it from here?


The tutorial has a few minor issues if you really try to follow (like the definition of APODWidget does not have closing brace and trying to jlpm add at the suggested points causes an error as the code is not complete yet, etc.

It looks like I just grep for all occurrences of the example name and replace it everywhere, including the directory name the build system does take care of it. So it was okay in the end.

Or not. actually. At one point (I don’t remember changing any workflow nor stopped the server or such) it started picking up the old extension and code modification to the current files does not change the system anymore. In the Chrome debugger’s file tree, it shows the old original name as a package name.

Has anyone seen something like this?