How to fully remove an extension?

I installed jupyterlab-git using pip install to try it out. But after uninstalling the (useless) icons remain on the toolbar. It’s not just this extension, but I’ve noticed lingering issues with other extensions after supposedly uninstalling them. I would hope extension compliance would be a bit more rigid to avoid this kind of thing, and honestly it puts me off them entirely.

So any help as to how to manually purge an extension without having to reset my jupyterlab would be appreciated.


This comes from nbdime extension. It may have been installed as a dependency of jupyterlab-git extension and when jupyterlab-git was removed nbdime remained. Could you try to uninstall nbdime? The details will depend on how you installed it (or jupyterlab-git), e.g. with pip or conda.

It was installed using pip.

Then pip uninstall nbdime