How to execute some initial command when user first login

I want some hook command to be executed when new user first come to jupyterhub, e.g. copying .condarc template to user’s home dir.
How to achieve it in jupyterhub on k8s.
great thanks.

There are a few ways, see

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in my opinion, the postStart hook will be triggered every time the user pod starts. I am not sure if I understand it correctly.
If that’s true, the .condarc file will be copied and overwrite the one in HOME directory every time user login which is not the behavior I expect.
I want the copy occurs only once when new user login, i.e. when jupyterhub allocate a new pv for the new user and then copy .condarc to the new pv’s home dir.

You could check whether the file exists before copying it, e.g.
sh -c 'if [ ! -f /path/to/.condarc ]; then <copy file>; fi'

If you’ve got a more complicated command or logic you can instead include that script in your image, and simply call that script in postStart

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great thanks for your help!