How to display plots only after `` in jup notebook?

Hello is there any way to make images (generated by matploblib) show off in jupyter notebook only after a request?

Tried to plt.ioff() and didn’ t works also tried plt.ion(). Tried %matplotlib and %matploblib inline.

I’m using RISE to build a slideshow and is annoying that all views share a portion of code in slide.

If there is a way to hide the source code in RISE is valid too.

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There is a discussion here about using an extension to hide the code in a way that is compatible with RISE.

Supposing that is overkill for what you need, some suggestions:

  • You can make the images show up with markdown on the slide.
  • You can save an image file with matplotlib’s savefig()in a cell where%%captureis the first line of the cell to suppress output of the plot generation from being displayed and then display the image of it when and where you want withIPython.display` like at the bottom of here. Or use markdown to display the image.
  • You can use the method here to not display and capture the plot for display later, as illustrated next.

Expanded example of that last suggestion:
cell ‘one’:

%%capture out
# of course you can show figures

def polynom(x):
    return 2 * x**2 - 20 * x + 2

X = np.linspace(-10, 10)
Y = polynom(X)
plt.plot(X, Y);

In cell ‘two’:        #currently `out()` alone works also.

As a followup to that last method, because you objected to code showing, you might find the plot’s returned object value details, text like [<matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0x7ff1855077f0>] showing up to be unwanted as well. Trick to fix that so you just get only the plot from cell ‘one’ code:

In second cell:

# trick based on
# to get plot to print with out the object description / return value above 
# like `` results in. 
from IPython.display import display