How to customize frontend of TLJH?

Hi. I’m making a python tutorial for kids and I would like to customize jupyter notebook to maximize their programing experience. Are below features supported (or expected)?

  • Replace a “JupyterHub” logo at the top left of a screen with a custom one.
  • Remove all menu (File, Edit, and all icon menus).
  • Make a cell read-only (e.g. a markdown cell showing “Let’s type 1 + 2 in the below cell!”).
  • Embed a plain notebook as a play ground where a student can play and learn.
  • Change a font.

I’ve just installed TLJH on AWS and couldn’t find a solution in the doc. I know some companies (e.g. Google Colab) have done the similar things, but I am not sure if they forked the repo and implemented by themselves.

Thank you all for continuous support and contribution!