How to contribute to documentation?

I recently completed the Extensions Tutorial (Extension Tutorial — JupyterLab 3.0.6 documentation). In the process of working through it I discovered some gotchas and some places where I thought it could be improved or corrected.

I found the Contributor documentation (Getting started — Jupyter Documentation 4.1.1 alpha documentation). However, I am stuck on the “Clone the repository” step. Where is the repository? When I click on the “Edit on GitHub” at the top of documentation page I get a 404.

I believe it’s here GitHub - jupyterlab/jupyterlab: JupyterLab computational environment.

A second wonderful contribution could be to fix the 404? :sweat_smile: I found I could get the “Edit on GitHub” link to work if I removed the /origin from it.


A current route that still works to get to where @sgibson91 points out is to click in the bottom left side of the documentation page where it says ‘Read the Docs’ and bring up the menu there. Then go to the ’ Project Home’ under ‘On Read The Docs’, and the Repository will be listed and linked on the top right side.
I add this in case it helps you or others down the road.

The “Writing Documentation” section can also be found in the JupyterLab Documentation:

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