How to choose an Ubuntu version

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Is it possible to choose a specific Ubuntu version for a new binder imported from a github repo?
I am getting an Ubuntu bionic (18.04) machine, but a package I need (libngspice0) is only available on focal (20.04) and groovy (20.10).

As an alternative, can I include the dynamic library in the repository and point LD_LIBRARY_PATH to it, or do you foresee any problems with this approach?



Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t think this feature is currently available unless you provide your own Dockerfile like this example

Thanks for your help.

It turns out that ngspice is provided by conda, so you can use the environment.yml
to set it up.
I wasn’t expecting it because ngspice is not written in python.

I thought I should mention it here in case someone else tries to use ngspice and bumps into this topic.


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Ah, it’s a common misconception that conda is for python only - it’s a generic package manager. Glad you found a solution and thank you for updating this post!

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