How to activate qt5 interactive framework with Binder?

I made an interactive notebook that requires the use of a qt5 to show an animation. I added “qt-console” to my dependencies in the environment.yml and included an apt.txt file with " libgl1-mesa-glx"

But in my build log I am getting the error:

“debconf: delaying package configuration, since apt -utils is not installed”

and when I launch the notebook through Binder I get the error:

“Cannot load backend ‘Qt5Agg’ which requires the ‘qt5’ interactive framework, as ‘headless’ is currently running”

How can I resolve this?

There is a way (actually a couple related ones) to run linux desktops via I have successfully used it to run pygame. (Everything works it seems except sound.) I wonder if that would also allow you use of qt5?