How to access the Control Panel in JupyterHub 2.0?

I’m exploring the new version 2.0 but can’t seem to access the Control Panel from JupyterLab. I’m using JupyterHub 2.0 with JupyterLab 3.2.1 under Python 3.9.7 in macos11.6.1

In previous versions, there is a “Hub Control Panel” command in the “File” menu, but it does not appear in version 2.0. For that matter, the “Log Out” command does not appear either.

I’m pretty sure I’m an admin user, so i should have access. Any suggestions?

Hub control panel is available to all users, but whether it appears depends on the single user image configuration. Could it be that you don’t have jupyterhub installed in the single user image?

You can always navigate to <hub_base_url>/hub/admin in the interim.

Thanks, that’s very helpful!

I run jupyterhub using the Quickstart approach with the command:

sudo jupyterhub -f ~/.jupyterhub/

Both jupyterhub and jupyterlab are accessible to all users via the system python package library. Is there more to be done?