How do you collapse an output cell in old versions of Jupyter, and how do you run all cells above

Hello, I am a computer science tutor and I have a student who is learning Jupyter Notebook. His school installed a really old version, 1.1 I think. I’m just going into depth with J.N. for the first time myself, so I’m used to the much later version I have.

On my version (1.5 maybe? got it with anaconda about 6 months ago) if there is a large output cell, I can collapse it by clicking in the left column. This doesn’t work on his version. Can I get some idea of how to do it on his version? For that matter, can I get access to manuals for old versions, or can I install an old version to play with and figure out myself?

Another missing command (i.e. I can’t find it in the menus) is “run all cells above”