How do I fix this Kernel Error - XSRF cookie does not match POST argument

Hello All,

I’m brand new to programming, taking my first course online in Python. I’ve barely started the course and I’m already struggling. My course is through Microsoft, so I’m using Azure Notebooks, powered by Jupyter. Everything seemed to be fine until I logged in today and received a Kernel Error - XSRF cookie does not match POST argument. I’ve tried restarting the kernel, clearing output, switching between Python 3.6, Python 2, and back to Python 3, all with no luck. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Brian,
Did you try any of the other suggestions here, which also points at this page? It looks like it happens to folks from time to time using Azure. Hopefully clearing cookies, logging out and back in gets you back to where you can use your notebooks.
Good luck with the learning.

Thanks for the assist. Clearing cookies and logging in back in did the trick. I’ll be sure to share with the other students experiencing the same frustration. Thank you.

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