Hook-Image-Puller Private

I’m trying to use a private repo with datascience-notebook:python-3.9

And it continually fails, additionally, the hook-image-awaiter (k8s-image-awaiter:2.0.0) from private repo fails as well, however, changing it to the public repo no problem. (Not an issue w/ our private repo as we can pull other images and use them internally no problem)

Does anyone have details as to why this may be an issue and/or what exactly these are doing.

Using helm chart version 2.0.0, also note, when running helm uninstall the daemonset for hook-image-puller and job hook-image-awaiter do not get deleted.

I’m thinking I need to change what the image-awaiter is looking for, for images?

Also, for additional clarity, we had custom images, but for troubleshooting we reverted to default ones.

If a private registry is used, you need to provide the credentials to pull the private image one way or another.

You can either reference a k8s Secret, or pass credentials to get one created for you. See the config reference about imagePullSecret(s)

Correct, I don’t have a problem with that, the images are pulled and on the hosts. You’re able to have datascience-notebook:pyton-3.9 function from a private repo?

This was a specific issue w/ the private repo we are using.