Heroku not free anymore.. voila/notebook?

Hi everybody. As you know, heroku will not be free anymore… so sad, it permit to launch my app.ipynb with more speed than mybinder do… because don’t have to deploy any time…
I have heard of other free plateform to deploy apps : render.app, cyclic… , but wich ones can function with voila ?
What about the Procfile needed on heroku to start voila… how it works with others platform ?
Thanks for your helps.

Indeed, this change to the default Heroku plan will make it a bit more difficult to deploy Voila apps easily.

Not sure there is a good alternative as of today except Binder.

If someone finds something it would be great to add it to the Voila documentation: Deploying Voilà — voila 0.4.0b0 documentation

Hi, Thanks for your answer,

Finaly, I tested the platform : Render.com

In the “starting command” of Render’s setting, I didn’t write like the
Heroku’s Procfile ( web: voila --port=$PORT --no-browser --Voila.ip= App.ipynb ) ;
I just write : voila --port=$PORT --no-browser --Voila.ip= App.ipynb

And it works !..

I think it’s just slower than Heroku… But it’s free.

Hope this could help others.
A+, David de Reims.

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Nice thanks for sharing this.

The limitations for their free services look similar to the ones Heroku had before: Free Plans | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

This is now tracked in Document deploying Voila to Render.com · Issue #1230 · voila-dashboards/voila · GitHub.