Help with doubt - Calculate average

Good night

I request your help, because I have gotten involved with a problem that I have not been able to solve and I request your support if possible

I have a cvs file with the following records

year ; sex ; age_range ; career ; duration_semester; time_to_entitle_in_semest; total_semester

2015; female; 20 to 24 years; electrical engineering;9;2;11
2015;male;25 to 30 years; medicine;10;2;12
2015;male;31 to 34 years; teacher;9;1;10
2015;female;40 to 45 years;programmer;5;1;6
2015; female; 20 to 24 years; electrical engineering;9;4;13

I have performed several functions that were requested, but I have not been able to perform the follow:

I must calculate by sex, the average time that people between the ages of 20 and 24 take to complete their studies, for that I must take from the csv all the females between the ages of 20 and 24 , and calculate the average delay in graduating (total_semester) of all the students in that age range, considering the duration (duration_semester) and the time it took to do their thesis and receive their degree (time_to_entitle_in_semest).

For example, case 1, it took 2 semesters to finish his thesis and receive his degree, giving a total of 11 semesters, and case 5, it took 4 semesters to finish giving a total of 13 semesters, then, I must average how many Approximate semesters take to graduate.

I have not been able to understand how to do it, and I have read a lot, but I cannot understand how to do it.

I appreciate your help, and I apologize for bothering you with this problem, but I’m new to this topic and I’m learning how to solve this.

Thanks for your comments

Hi! This forum is focussed on Jupyter related topics. Most of your posts are on data analysis or more general Python questions, and you’re more likely to get informative answers from other places, by searching the internet, or following tutorials.

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