Beginners question - aggregate date to year

Hi, i am very new to Jupyter and can see the posibilites very clearly.
Very simple question, if i have data based on stringdates and want to aggregate this in a pivot, how do i do this simply? - sorry for the beginners question.

This sounds very much like a Python, or perhaps even a Pandas question. Either way, this isn’t the appropriate forum. This forum is for Jupyter-related issues. Jupyter runs a lot of languages and packages in the backing kernel. For example, a lot of people run R code inside a notebook using an R language-based kernel. If your underlying code would have the same issue if you were running it separate from a Jupyter product, say as a script that you execute on the command line in your terminal with a command such as python, then it isn’t a Jupyter question.

When you find the appropriate forum, you’d want to provide more information in order to get help. For example, if you are using the Pandas package or Dask or direct numpy to handle your data, you’d want to specify that. And even list the combinations of code you have tried. Often you cannot share all your data because it is too large or private and so most often you’ll want to make a tiny, toy set of data that you can share that illustrates your issue. This is called a ‘minimal reproducible example’ and most forums will ask you to provide one as text code block that others can attempt to run. (So you don’t want to posts images usually unless you are trying to document a behavior that otherwise cannot be conveyed by text.) Most likely in your case, if you go to or even Google and input ‘aggregate date to year pandas’ or similar you’d find helpful posts/resources.